Classic binding

Start with measuring the pocket opening (or skirt hem) Mine measures 14 cm (5.5") Take your measurement and multiply with 0.8 (or 0.75 if it is a very stretchy fabric) For me I get 14*0.75=10.5 (size 92/2t) So I cut 2 pieces that are 10.5*4 (length*height) Pin to pocket opening (right sides together) stretch the … Fortsätt läsa Classic binding

Welcome to madebyruni

Här hittar ni mönster för hela familjen. Många av mönstren finns i både vuxen och barn variant för att fint kunna matcha varandra. Here you will find patterns for the whole family. Many of the patterns are available for both children and adults so you can match each other.    

Cozy dress – Child

Well this post was long over due to update. Still the old tutorial though, we have not had time to update tutorials yet. Info and tutorial - Cozy dress - Child - EnglishLadda ner Info, tygåtgång m.m. - Cozy dress - Barn - SvenskaLadda ner Sömnadsbeskrivning - Cozy dress - Barn - SvenskaLadda ner