Basic Raglan – Straight fit

You know, sometimes Runi is crazy, absolutely crazy I say. This week she rushed us all (especially her self) to be able to finish 4 new patterns for you all before she goes on a well needed (and well deserved) vacation.

I’ve already written about the 16k celebration pattern Breezy Top so today I think I’m going to mention the other pattern she released the same day, Basic Raglan Straight fit.

I know I for one (well actually my boyfriend) have been looking forward to this one and it’s finally here. The boys and men in our life gets a bit neglected when it comes to sewing right? Well now the entire family can finally have matching raglans 😀

It sports the usual awesome colour blocked shoulder accents, long or short sleeves and to accommodate different body lengths there are length options on both the sleeves and the body of the shirt. How awesome is that?

Basic raglan male info and tutorial SWE

Info and Tutorial – Basic raglan male ENG


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