Attaching a zipper

Many off you have requested a zipper tutorial, and our lovely Ulrika Svenson has kindly provided a great photo tutorial for us.


Foto: Ulrika Svenson

Image 1: Finished cardigan.
Image 2: Fold the little extra piece down towards the front of the zipper.
Image 3: Use fabric glue on the zippers right/front side.
Image 4, Pin the zipper in place on both sides.


Foto: Ulrika Svenson

Image 5: Start with sewing the top down first, put something behind the presser foot to make it easier.
Image 6: Using your zipper foot, sew the zipper in place from the right side.
Image 7: Sew the other side, Open the zipper up a bit, sew about 15 cm.
Image 8: With needle down, lift the presser foot and pull the zipper up past the foot, then continue sewing.


Foto: Ulrika Svenson

Image 9: Cut off the little extra piece of the zipper at the top.
Image 10: Shows how it looks after cutting it off.
Image 11: Top stitch the outer end of the zipper down.
Image 12: How it looks on the wrong side after top stitching.


Foto: Ulrika Svenson

Images 13-16: Done!


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